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The Cider House

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- Overview, Fast Fact Sheet
- Story Angles
- Events
- Selected Press Hits
- Customer Feedback

International Interest in The Cider House

The darker the red - the stronger the interest from that geographical area.




Managing Director, Ben Day, has been instrumental in developing not only the cider industry, but also the craft beer industry.  
Being one of only a handful of visionary bar and bottleshop owners in the early 2000’s, Ben had a hard sell ahead of him as he supported the idea of introducing craft product into mainstream venues.  He changed the minds of many long standing industry critics, and intrigued, captured and educated the public, which played a big part in his ability to back the niche cider industry with confidence in 2008 and the following creation of the Rooftop Cider Bar at Young & Jacksons Hotel.  After contribut In 2012 he opened The Brunswick St Cider House.

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn - http://au.linkedin.com/pub/ben-day/38/89/288



- Bens hospitality background spans 18 years at various local hospitality icons.

- In 2003 Ben’s passion for craft product began. He was managing at the popular Davey’s bar and restaurant on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, when he first put Matilda Bay’s, Beez Knees and Little Creatures, Pale Ale on tap, and followed with creating the ‘Beer Passport’ concept.
Daveys was also the first Venue in Melbourne & on the Mornington Peninsula to support local Penninsula wine.

- He took the Beer Passport concept to Young and Jackson’s Hotel where he kicked off Melbourne’s craft beer festival frenzy almost a decade ago now, with Melbourne's first craft beer festival 'Meet Your Maker'.  This inspired confidence in other local visionaries, to make craft beer accessible to the Melbourne public.

- Combining his two craft loves, Ben followed on with Australia’s first craft beer and cider festival, and then the concept creation and design of the Rooftop Cider Bar, Australia’s first public bar dedicated to cider.  

- His design ingenuity has influenced the Melbourne, interstate and even international bar scene.  

- Young and Jackson’s had 11 products on tap when he took over the venue, and 35 by the time Ben left in 2011 with 98 per cent being local craft product.  This passion for craft product led him to open his own venue, The Brunswick St Cider House.

- Over the past decade Ben has been instrumental in building those first bridges between Australian and international craft beer and cider makers and their Australian consumer, reading the market and providing valuable feedback to brewers, wine makers, and first time business owners as they built their brand and product portfolios.

- Ben’s passion and vision for the industry keeps him at the fore-front, creating many ‘firsts’.

- Ben has been a guest speaker at Craft Beer events, a judge for the Royal Fine Food awards and an Associate Judge for the Australian Cider Awards.

- Cider is Gluten free and Vegan and is an alcoholic beverage for people with dietary intolerances.

 - The Brunswick St Cider House clientele include many prominent corporate businesses, sporting teams, athletes, celebrities and media personalities.

Story Angles

-  The Australian publics growing interest in Australian Cider
- Supporting our Aussie local farmers
- Places where people with dietary restrictions can eat as well as drink, cider is gluten free and vegan
- Educating the public about what makes a great cider, 'Cidercation'
- Wine and Beer palates adapting to cider
- A new generation of drinkers
- Cider matched with food
- How hospitality is reflecting modern Australia
- Unique Australian tourist destinations

Events & Celebrations Calendar

- Australia Day AUSFest Cider festival Jan 26th
- Valentines Day Dinner Feb 14th
- The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Rivergraze
- The Flemington Grazing Trail
- The Beat of Brunswick Street
- Labour Day weekend Street Food Feastival, Fusion street food matched with cider and craft beer
- Fitzroy's Vegan Day Out
- Sunday Rock & Blues Sessions
- Mothers Day 
- The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Roast Collection
- Fathers Day
- AFL Grand Final screening and celebration
- The Age Good Food Month 
- New Years Eve Dec 31st

Selected Press Hits

Some Media links;


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Central Western Daily 
( * this article doesn't mention the Brunswick St Cider House, however it provides market information and cider industry growth predictions for the next 5 years.  We are happy to include this article for those interested in the Australian market * )
Live coverage;

Hamish and Andy’s ‘Happy Hour’ , FoxFm Radio, 2014
Interview with Keegs, FoxFm Radio, 2013
The Project, Around Australia segment, Network Ten, 2012

Customer Feedback

Caitlin, "Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for Saturday night. We had such a great night, and have not heard anything but great things from our guests about the venue, food, and drinks. It really was the perfect setup for us. I really appreciate all of your help, nothing ever seemed too much!"

Patricia, "Thankyou so much for a wonderful evening, great food and very friendly, helpful staff.  I've had great praise for the food, and the venue in general"

Lalita, "Ripper of a night! Dinner was a huge success, nothing but great feedback from everyone that came. A big thank you to the staff who made the night run so smoothly. We would definitely like to come back for next seasons dinner too!"

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